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O'C MSI K7N2 Delta and Athlon xp2800+ Barton?

Milo Malhame
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      10-10-2004, 07:31 AM
I have the above combo and was wondering what the best way to overclock it
is. System is currently running @ default settings of fsb 166 x 12.5
multiplier = 2.09GHz. Memory is 2x256 MB OCZ dual channel 3200. Is it
better to increase the multiplier in bios to 13 or 13.5, or is it better to
reduce multiplier to say 11 and increase fsb to 200? Is the 2800 Bartom a
good cpu for overclocking? What about voltage or other settings that may
need to be changed.
Please advise. Current temps at default settings with stock cooling range
between 50C and 58C
Windows xp pro sp2 etc...

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      10-10-2004, 08:28 PM
IF the CPU is locked you can not change the multiplier all you can do is up
the FSB...make sure you have a good cooler on the CPU. I have an Asus
A7N8X-Deluxe with a Barton 2500 and 3x256 OCZ PC3200EL..
am running FSB @ 200x11
CPU voltage is uped a bit
dimm voltage is at 2.7 v
memory timings are set at 2-3-3-6
if you go to OCZ and search for the M/B it might give you some ideas at what
settings you might get..actually your board is not listed on the
compatibilty chart.

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