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OS X Server: Create mirrored RAID set from existing drive and new drive?
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      10-05-2006, 12:08 PM
Hello. I have a PowerMac G3 running OS X Server 10.4.7. There is an
80GB ATA boot hard drive and a SATA card and two 250GB SATA drives.
One SATA drive is existing and has data on it; I just installed the
second one because I want to mirror the 1st drive onto the 2nd one.

My questions are: how do I do it? When I try to create a RAID set in
the Disk Utility GUI, it says all data will be destroyed. I cancelled

So I tried diskutil enableRAID mirror disk1, which told me I could only
mirror volumes.

The volume name is RAID, so I tried diskutil enableRAID mirror
/Volumes/RAID which gave me an error "Error enabling disk to RAID Could
not unmount disk (-10000)"

When I unmounted the disk, I still got the same error.

When I tried diskutil verifyVolume disk1, I got an error "Error (-9958)
encountered attempting to verify/repair disk1"

Do I need to run diskutil under sudo? It's not clear from the
documentation. Do I need to change a jumper on the new SATA drive? Do
I have the right file system (Apple_HFS)? Should I be using other RAID
commands under diskutil to create the mirrored set?

Thanks in advance

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