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overlay in matrox g450 tv-out exit

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      12-06-2003, 07:39 PM

I have a matrox G450 card which I use in an entertainment system with
only a TV connected to it. Naturally I connect the TV to the secondary
RGB exit with the Matrox proprietary convert cable (using the S-video
exit). I purchased this card after browsing the newsgroups and
learning that it has the best TV-out (and indeed the quality is

The problem I have is that when i clone the desktop to the secondary
exit, I cannot see any video stream in ther player (for example,
windows media player is displayed in a window, I hear the sound, but
there is no picture). When I use the DVDMax feature, I get a full
screen video with the sound, BUT (and this is the problem) if I use
external subtitles - they are not displayed

I learned from Matrox support that the secondary RGB exit does not
support overlay, and this is the reason why it can either display a PC
dektop (with no video) or a full-screen video (using DVDMax).

Does anyone have a solution that will allow me to use the TV as a
regular PC screen, showing the desktop applcations with video display,
so I dont have to use DVDMax ?

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