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P35-DS3R Audio problem

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      08-30-2009, 10:36 PM
P35-DS3R rev 1 MB with F13 BIOS

recently I installed Windows 7.
I could not get the HD audio to work properly.
When I plugged in the HS to the front panel jack I no longer received
a prompted asking what I had plugged in. I also did not get any sound
from the HS. It still came thru the speakers.

I tried everything. Seems others are having issues with this on other
MBs, though not exactly the same problem, so I assumed it was a driver

Well, I tried ALL the drivers I could find. Then I discovered that if
I plug the HS into the MIKE jack, I get a prompt and if I select HS
the sound is directed to the HS instead of the speakers, like it once

A new driver 2.31 just released. No help.
I went back to XP and tried the latest driver. Same thing.
I went back to the original Gigabyte driver disk and it still acts the
same way.

I ohmed out the wiring and it "appears" to be OK.
I checked out the solders on the IO board. Everything OK.

The only thing I haven't ripped out is the MB.

Has anybody got any suggestions?????????????
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