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[P3TDE6-G] Will 1GHz PIII 1000/256/122/1.7V work on this board?

O. Hartmann
Posts: n/a
      11-23-2004, 12:20 PM
Hello out here.

I am in need for fast informations about a Supermicro P3TDE6-G mainboard.
I would like to buy a second hand Supermicro P3TDE6 main PCB and I have two
1GHz Pentium 3 CPUs rated with 1.7V core voltage.

I read about several positive tests with normal Pentium 3 CPUs at lower
frequencies in this mainboard but I wonder if the VRM on the Supermicro
will deliver 1.7V core voltage for dual 1GHz PIII/Coppermine CPUs.

My CPUs bot have the following signature: 1000/256/133/1.7

The question is: will the Supermicro P3TDE6-G handle this CPUs stable or not?

Please eMail me at (E-Mail Removed).

I will appreciate all warnings, tips or hints you have.

Thanks in advance,
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