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P3TDE6, hangs on boot from SCSI CDROM

George Pontis
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      12-07-2003, 06:26 PM
This system has a SCSI CDROM and two IDE drives on a Promise RAID controller. At
boot time it recognizes a Windows 2000 server CDROM, and begins to run it. Then it
comes up with "Couldn't open the boot partition to check for a signature",
followed by "Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration". The
system hangs at that point (no activity for more than 15 minutes).

I've tried two different CDROM drives and also tried putting one on a different
channel. Same results. However, if I plug in an IDE CDROM it runs just fine and
does not show the error about looking for a signature.

Is there a configuration setting that I can change to get this working ?
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George Pontis
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      12-08-2003, 04:14 PM
In article <3fd4909a$0$14982$afc38c87@>, "Citizen Ed" <"Citizen Ed"> says...
> Just run your install with an IDE CDROM. I can probably guess why you
> want to run a SCSI CD-ROM, but it shouldn't really make that much of a
> difference during the install. I've had problems a few times in the
> past installing from SCSI CD media too. Instead of wrestling with it, I
> just use IDE. Once you get everything up and running, just switch over
> to the SCSI drive. I've done this numerous times, and it has always
> worked well...
> Ed

That's what I ended up doing too, and there hasn't been a hitch anywhere. The main
reason that I used SCSI for the CDROM is because the cable run is too long to go
with IDE in the double-wide server case. It was also handy to pick up the SCSI
tape drive just below the CDROM.

Maybe in a year or two we'll all be using SATA with its 1 meter allowed cable
length and 150MB/s, per device, transfer rate. SCSI performance on an IDE budget!
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