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P4X400 Dragon Lite beeps

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      05-23-2004, 12:34 AM
I am setting up a system with a P4X400 Dragon Lite and an ATI 9200. It was
fine for the first few days, but now as I start to add more programs, I get
beeps (long-short-short) instead of a POST if it restarts after an install.
If I wait about 5 minutes, it starts normally. Same thing happens after a
normal shut down and a quick restart (I have to wait a few minutes). If I
change to a different video card, it can boot right up normally after a
shutdown. If I put the ATI on a different motherboard, there is likewise no
problem. I have tried reseating the ATI and it makes no difference. Latest
BIOS is installed and BIOS settings are default and the video chipset is
barely warm. No other adapter cards are involved. Any ideas? I am building
this for someone else and they wanted and paid for the ATI card.

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