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P5AD2-E Premium cannot instal XP on SATA

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      10-21-2006, 02:25 PM

I'm becomming desperate...

I bought a SATA HD two weeks ago and have spend many hours trying to instal it. Whitout any luck

I'm aware that while windows is loading its files I have to push F6 in order to instal RAID and/or SATA drivers from a floppy.

I tried the drivers from the original ASUS cd. But they didn't work. After installing the drivers from the diskette windows is loading some more files... the screen turns black... and windows comes up with an error, which says I should check the HD or the drivers.

I have found a dozen drivers on internet but there is none that will work.

Since I have my old HD still installed with windows I tried to install the SATA driver in windows. When I could not see my SATA HD I checked what hardware isn't installed. Turned out my RAID wasn.t installed. Windows took the drivers from the ASUS cd and finally my SATA was recognized

I thought I have to get a SATA and a RAID driver on a disk to install windows on my SATA HD.
This is where I am still trying.
I cannot find a driver fot both SATA and RAID.

Next I discovered that my old HD can start windows but when windows is started the computers restarts.. over and over and over again.

Is there anyone who recognizes this problem. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.


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