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P5WDH and e-sata

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      11-05-2006, 04:47 PM
I have a Raid 10 array working with 4 320G seagate drives using the 3 intel connectors and #1 orange ezbackup connector. I have an 80G drive that I would like to utilize as an external backup drive using the esata i/o connector on the back panel. I think I have all the available controllers and drivers installed because I installed everything per the manual when setting-up Raid10. I will need to get an external hard drive enclosure to power the drive. If I understand this correctly (never used external hdd before):

1. Should I connect the esata data cable to the i/o esata connector and power-up the external drive BEFORE I boot my system?

2. Anyone know if I can turn-on the external drive power WHILE my system is running, or should it be powered-on before system boot-up? (hotplug?).

3. I have the 4 - 320G Raid10 one one large partition (640G) seen as drive C:\. My D:\ and E:\ drives are both DVD, my F:\ and G:\ drives are usb port flash drives (when plugged-in). Question: when I plug in and power-up the esata, will that show up as H:\ Drive?

4. Anyone using the esata as a backup drive offer advice?
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