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Password security on Compaq laptop

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      06-20-2004, 01:23 AM
I just bought a Compaq R3000Z laptop and wanted to ask about the security
settings in BIOS. Specifically, I want to know how difficult it is for
someone to bypass the security features. I don't need to know the details,
just a general idea of how secure these passwords are. I once defeated a
Power On Password on a Toshiba by using a special parallel port plug. Way
too easy! Just wondering if this Compaq would be just as easy to hack.

The passwords I can set are Admistrator Password, Power-On Password and
DriveLock Password. The main thing I'm interest in is protecting the data
on my laptop from prying eyes. So it seems that the DriveLock Password will
be the one I'm most interested in. I'm told that it will make the drive
totally useless if you don't know the password, but wondering how effective
it is in real life. Any ways to defeat it? Could it be subject to an
automated brute force attack if the password is not long enough? How many
combinations per second could be tried?

Also, interested in making the laptop as useless as possible to any lowlife
that happens to steal it. So, will probably also set the Power-On Password,
unless it is ridiculously easy to bypass. Any reason to set the Admistrator
Password if I'm setting the Power-On Password?

Thanks in advance for any input!!!
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