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Patatoe Chips noices

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      06-26-2005, 08:30 AM

I hope somebody can help with this:

- I have a Gigabyte GA8TX 1500 motherboard with 384 MB.
- Soundblaster onboard, latest drivers installed.
- 4MB Graphic card S3 virgo Pci
- 80 GB Hd

The problem is this: When the system plays music, it doesn't matter by which
(winamp, realplayer, wmp) or even during startup and the welcome tune from
windows (98SE) is played, then there is some patatoechip sounds hearing at
the background.

It stops when there is no screen activity. For example, when I use Winamp to
mp3's then the p-sounds are synchronous with the visualisation I use.
Stopping the visualisation
helps a lot but then, on a lower volume level, it syncs with the graphic
analyser display.

The music is 'mp3' perfect when I throw Winamp on the taskbar.....

Also with streaming Video the same problem accurs...

Familiar Problem? and Solution?

Please let me know, thanks in advance


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