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Photoshop + Win 7 64 Bit + Matrox M-series: no OpenGL?

Henrik Meier
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      05-17-2010, 09:09 PM
Hi. Do you have any idea if this combination is able to use OpenGL
with Photoshop?

- Photoshop CS5 and CS4 64 or 32 Bit

- Win 7 64 Bit

- Matrox graphics card M9148 (M-series)

- 3 monitors, 16 GB RAM

On this machine (Win 7, 64 Bit etc.) that i just bought for good
Photoshopping fun, Photoshop CS4 and CS5 with either 64 or 32 bit did
NOT recognize OpenGL on the computer, the OpenGL option was dimmed-off
and not accessible in the preferences.

But: The Matrox M-Series (which my M9148 is part of) officially
supports OpenGL 2.0 (though not OpenGL 2.1). Also required by
Photoshop is Shader Model 3 and i see no Matrox comment if that is

At first the machine did not even boot with the Matrox card. I managed
to talk to a Matrox technician. He said that the card had had a
problem on machines with more than 4 GB RAM. He gave me a beta driver,
and then the general performance was nice, but Photoshop did not
recognize OpenGL. Prompted by the technician, i did the following

- Disable monitors 2 and 3 and start Photoshop again on a single
monitor system. Still no OpenGL.

- Test my machine with the free OpenGL Extension Viewer from Real-VR.
It confirmed that Open GL 2.0 is ok on my machine, but 2.1 is not. It
says it supports Shading language version 1.1 Matrox GLSL compiler.

From the internet i also read that another Matrox-M-cards supports
Shader Model 3 (also required). I read that OpenGL is only supported
with Matrox SE-U driver, not with the WDDM driver (but don't
understand the difference). The problem seems not to be mentioned in
the "GPU" text you can open via Photoshop's "Help" menu. The Matrox
PowerDesk software doesn't help with OpenGL things.

Thanks for all hints!
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