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Ports 80 and 6036 Fixed!

Otto Pylot
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      07-22-2012, 10:57 PM
I know this is a new posting which is part of an old posting but I
wanted to make sure that everyone who took the time, and patience, to
help me gets recognized. Thank you everyone for your contributions!

The solution was simple, but it took my bro-in-law who knows this stuff
far better than I to figure it out once he looked at the details of the
camera system setup. Q-See, the camera mfr, wasn't explicit enough in
the instructions. Port 80 needed to be setup as a Public and Private
TCP only (not UDP). Port 6036 needed to be setup as a Public and
Private TCP and UDP. He said that I probably didn't need both for 6036
but it works so I'm not going to mess with it. Both Ports have the same
static IP address. Originally Q-See said to use only Public UDP for
both and for some unknown reason, it worked. The "updated" instructions
that they sent me this time said to use both the Public and Private
ports but no mention was made of UDP and/or TCP. now
says that both ports are open. He also set the public side of remote
access with a public web address so I don't have to use my IP address.
A difficult, but positive learning experience. So again, thanks

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