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      02-22-2007, 04:39 AM

I just built a pc with the following specs a zalman fatality case wit
an hiper type 580 r psu, an amd x2 5200+ cpu/w zalman cnps 9500am2 coo
board is a fatality an9 32x with corsair xms2 twinx2 2048 2x 1 gig a
4-4-4-12an xfx 7950gt 570mhz video card sony dru 820a combo drive
scythe kama meter controller an ultra 7 in 1 card reader,and a maxtor
7y250mo hard drive thats rack mounted have not mounted soundcard hav
not decided have three cards either the audigy 2 that came with my del
xps gen2 at the factory have not used bought zs platium pro being my 2n
choice or the stock abit 7.1 anyway built system all went fine but i ge
a 7f on led code Ihave not yet recieved my os from newegg but i wet an
completed the build fired up system got into bios fine have keyboar
use no shuttdown or freezing bios shows my memory capsity but does no
show if its ddr 800 at how many bits also get checksum boot fail but
think thats because i have not prepped for os install set boot orde
ect thx for any help

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      02-25-2007, 09:58 AM
Have a look in Computer Help Desk.... under either Reference Links or
Mobos and drivers.... there's a link to Bios beep codes'


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