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Power Supply and Hard Drive for Compaq S4020WM

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Join Date: Mar 2007
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      03-21-2007, 05:40 PM
Okay, I am needing to get the correct power supply. Before I do that, I need to know if having larger hard drive will affect the power supply usage? This computer, as I was told, will accept the max of 200w - 250w power supply.

Right now, I have a 40 gigs hard drive, still the same one with the computer for 4 years. I am wanting to upgrade to a bigger hard drive.

Compaq recommanded 120 gigs to be the max and that the RPM must be 5400. The problem is, I can not find 5400 RPM.

Can someone guide me? I do not know if it is okay to get a much higher RPM with this motherboard. I do not know if it is okay to get a much higher diskspace. I would really love to have at least 200 gigs or the highest I can get.

The biggest concern is to match the hard drive with the CPU and Motherboard.

I currently have 1024 MB of RAM (1 Gig).

I also want to know if I should increase the power supply wattage, because of the increased diskspace? Or should I stay safe and be at 200 or 250?

Please, help me on this. I'm hoping that this post will generate responses. Thank you.

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Join Date: Mar 2007
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      03-22-2007, 12:36 PM
Anyone interested in helping?

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