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Presario 1200 12XL405A won't boot

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      11-01-2006, 06:07 PM
My Presario 12XL405A Celeron 700MHz now has a problem for booting up (POST, PowerOnSelfTest)

The symptom in the beginning is the booting process (POST) intermittently success. Sometimes if the POST fails, I do power off and power on again and it will success with the POST, but now TOTALLY won't boot-up.

If I turn this unit on by pressing the power button, the PowerLED lit on but there is no indication of booting up, only the HDD produce a clicking sound for a while then silent. I remember in the past the HDD will produce another spinning sound when it successfully boot-up. I have changed to another new HDD but the same result, only a clicking sound and no spinning sound.
There is nothing on the screen, formerly when this unit works normally... the screen will show a COMPAQ logo.

I still able to turn off the unit by pressing the power button for awhile.

I did dismantle the unit and checked for the power section. This power section is controlled by a Maxim IC. I have measured the voltage around some capacitors and coils and can find 5Volt, 3.3Volt.
The fan still spins whenever the processor start to get warm. I find 2 VIA chips and both are warm, this is an indication that these two chips are probably working well.
The four memory chips which build up 64MB on-board memory do not produce any heat at all.

I have tried to take out the processor and test the Celeron processor on desktop and it works perfectly.

Searching on the net I found h**p:// and information about the bad capacitors. I follow the instruction and change all the electrolyte caps and still no result.

I also suggested by Victor the boss from allservice forum h**p:// to re-ball the IDE controller or DMA. I think his suggestion is to re-ball the VIA chipsets which is very difficult for me to do this, but I will try to find solutions for this re-ball.

Any one can help me or give me more clues or ideas regarding this case???
Or any other sites / forums where I can find more information ??

If this Presario success, I think my other Acer Travelmate 291Xci can be cured also using the same medicine. ;-) hopefully.

All comments and response appreciated.



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