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Presario 12XL300 CPU Upgrade question

Thee Chicago Wolf (MVP)
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      04-19-2010, 09:32 PM

Very little out there on Google but what I found says it can handle a
1.1GHz Pentum III with 100MHz FSB. Anyone have any clue?
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Thee Chicago Wolf [MVP]
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      04-20-2010, 02:38 PM
>I would not sink any money in an old laptop with restricted memory capacity
>such as the 12 XL series Compaqs. My older brother still uses the 12XL300 I
>gave him years ago. He uses it for amateur radio packets. With entry level
>notebooks in the sub $400 range today that are 10X more powerful, it just
>makes no sense to sink any money in older tecgnology, IMO. I'm a retired
>online tech at Compaq.


I know it's an old clunker but it's for someone who simply wants it to
surf the web and nothing else. Seeing as how a 256MB RAM chip runs
about $5-7 and a PIII 866MHz CPU to replace the 600MHz Celeron inside
is only around $9, it isn't such an expensive investment. Plus, Linux
would run quite happily on it. I have read some posts that say it will
accept a 1.1GHz PIII but I cannot confirm it anywhere.

- Thee Chicago Wolf [MVP]
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