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Problem with G400

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      11-03-2004, 11:40 AM
Hi all,

Excuse me first for my terrific english.

On my PC with WinXP pro(Sp2), Matrox G400 max and dual monitor, every a lot
and in unforeseeable way (but tied without doubt to the "Murphy's Law")
after a mouse click associated to the most various actions (example: close
window), the two monitors begin to give disturbs that are similar to "not
syntonized TV" or "out of syncro". PC continue to work and I sometimes can
save the job that I was making using the keyboard shortcuts. At the restart,
all he seems normal until the new anomaly. I hoped that the problem was
resolved with the last Matrox driver of Oct., 26 but it is not changed.
Someone has some suggestion? Is happened to others?
There are no viruses or other "malaware".



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