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Problem with L4VXA2- corrupted bios?

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      01-19-2005, 04:42 PM
When I last used my PC, it was running just fine and I left it in
password protected mode (windows-L keys) so I wouldn't worry about
anyone messing with my PC.

My L4VXA2 has 2.4GHz P4 (not OCed), 1.5GB of PC2700 RAM, 80GB main HD,
160GB secondary, DVD-ROM, and DVD burner. I was running Windows XP
and Microsoft Word, no other program running in front. The system
were regularly checked with Norton Antivirus, online scan at, Spybot and Adware plus Zone Alarm for
firewall. (You wouldn't believe how many crap tries to sneak in even
if I use Firefox rather than IE and email and Agent rather than MSOE.

Some hours ago, my main PC was bahaving erratically. The lights were
on but there was nothing on the monitor. When I restarted, it seemed
to go OK except it shut itself down after a few seconds.

Since then, it only comes on but does nothing. Using my handy dandy
POST tester card, it indicated the system was stuck in reset mode with
the PCI reselt line stuck on active. It should only go active
momentarily and then stay off until the next time the system's powered

I've already ruled out faulty power supply and I took the board out of
the case with nothing left in but the CPU and the POST and using only
the power switch (all other switches and LEDs were disconnected), it
still remained stuck in reset.

This indicates either the BIOS were corrupted or the mainboard failed.
Any idea to tell for wure what failed? And why would it happen? It
couldn't have been spyware or trojan horses because one Alarm would
have prevented t unless I allowed it and I doubt any hackers could
have done it over the internet.

To email, please send to impmon at tds dot net
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