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Problems with DMX Fire 24/96
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      07-05-2005, 08:51 AM
Hi to everybody,

First of all my set up consists in a Pentium 4 3.06, Abit AI 6
motherboard, Terratec DMX Fire 24/96 and Windows XP. I've recently open
my computer to change de procesor fan and now I am haveing some audio
cracks. Everything is fine when I switch on the computer but two/three
minutes later I began to listen to audio cracks and it gets worse when
I open the DMX software mixer. The click come regular but also when I
open an audio file at the start of it. The problems are exactly as
shown in this article:

Even within the computer, there's the potential for ground-loop
gremlins as soon as more than one earth connection is made. One classic
example of this is soundcards that have a breakout or expansion box
that you can fit into a 5.25-inch drive bay just like a CD-ROM drive
- various models from Creative Labs and Terratec, for example. The
soundcard already has its main ground connection via the metal
backplate, which should be bolted firmly to the metalwork of the
computer by tightening down the backplate screw, but then the metalwork
of the breakout box gets bolted to the computer's case, the soundcard
and breakout box are connected via an internal cable, and a ground loop
is born because there are now multiple routes to earth from the
breakout box.

One way around such problems is to disconnect the ground connection of
the breakout box by bolting it into your computer using nylon bolts and
washers. Another option with some soundcards (notably the Terratec
range) is to use the breakout box as a stand-alone desktop unit by
attaching it via the supplied umbilical cable to the socket on the
soundcard's backplate, instead of using the alternative internal ribbon
cable and drive-bay mounting.

Does someone experience these problems? where can I buy nylon bolts?
maybe I should consider another audio card?

Thanks in advance

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