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Problems with GA-57-SLI S4 rev 2.0

Skipai Otter
Posts: n/a
      09-15-2008, 05:27 PM
I've been having problems making this stable with XP Pro SP3.

Windows will either BSOD or just stop responding. On reboot it will come up
with a Flash Rom Protected where XP will boot up very slowly and then BSOD
again with the bios not being ACPI compatible.

System specs:

Enermax 635w PSU
AMD64x2 6000+
2gb DDR-II 800mhz ram (though the processor has it running at 775mhz)
Creative X-Fi Plantium PCI card

Bios version: FG
Ram has been checked and passed tests with no errors

I'm at a loss now on what's actually wrong to make such an unstable system,
never had a problem with my old GA7DXR but this motherboard doesn't seem to
be as stable. I'm using the last version of the Neforce drivers as well
being 9.13 (June 2006) Both soundcard and graphics are updated as well.

My thought is that it could be the bios chip itself that's the problem or
it's a faulty motherboard. Anyone know of any suggestions to stop it doing
that. It's not every reboot or startup but sometimes it will bring up the
flash rom being protected. Seems to be random and sometimes it can happen
twice daily.

But it's grown to now BSOD'ing when running the system than hang like


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