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Problems with mobo (i think)

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      09-25-2007, 10:33 PM
So i have a ASUS P5VDC-X mobo which worked great. Then i decided to clean the parts, removing dust and such so i removed all the parts and when i put them back the computer wont start. When i try to turn it on it gets power (the CPU and PSU fans start spinning) but then instantly turns off (fans stop spinning).

I tried plugging in the PSU in another computer and it works fine, as does the CPU so those are fine. The RAMs are ok aswell so i came to the conclusion that the mobo is at fault. I can not figure out what it is. The only clue i have is that fter i had cleaned it and put back all th parts i had a Jumper left over but after hours of trying different stuff it doesnt work so i figured it was nothing important.

Does anyone have an idea of what may be wrong or is the mobo damaged because of static electricity? (Note that i didnt use any protection against the latter because i havent had to before).

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I read some other guys thread (the "no power" thread) and i basically have the same problem but i dont have a case, actually i havent used a case for maybe one year with this computer and it still has worked fine until now.

How do check if the mobo is fried?
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