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Q: Is the SC743S1-645 case

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      02-21-2005, 05:00 PM
I'm putting together my next workstation and as my current Supermicro X5DAE
(dual 2.8g Prestonia) triple-head (Matrox Parhelia AGP) system has never, ever
had an unplanned outage (no BSODs, no Explorer dirt-naps, no power or thermal
fails, no anything!) I'm sticking with the same brands for the next one.

So I'm going to use the Supermicro X6DA8-G2 board

in an SC743S1-645 case.

with one of these, in case anyone's interested:

driving three 21" tubes.

It's the case I'm wondering about.

Living with an SC762 case
for the last 2 years has been "special" ;-) The case itself was fine, but the
power supply is a loud sonofabeeyotch, and I'd sure like to avoid that this
time around.

So I thought I'd at least ask: has anyone been near enough to an SC743S1-645
or similar case to know if the power supply they use is in fact "low noise"?
(in an absolute sense - even my SC762 is "low noise" compared to a 747 ;-)

Thanks for any real-life experiences...

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