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Question about glob<-- Newbie

Sean Berry
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      05-04-2004, 12:46 AM

>>> r = glob.glob('/*')
>>> r

['/dev', '/usr', '/stand', '/etc', '/cdrom', '/proc', '/bin', '/boot',
'/mnt', '/modules', '/root', '/sbin', '/tmp', '/var', '/sys', '/COPYRIGHT',
'/kernel.GENERIC', '/kernel', '/compat', '/home', '/kernel.old',
>>> r = glob.glob('/usr/websites/*')
>>> r


I can do a
>>> import os
>>> dirs = os.system('ls /usr/websites')

and that works. Why doesn't glob.glob work on /usr/websites?

What I am trying to do is write a simple script that will recursively search
for and replace key words in all files. I am doing this mainly for practice
since I already can write a shell script or use an awk/sed combo. Does
anyone have anything that does a similar task? Thanks

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