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RAID, One SATA 2 Dirve --Answered

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      04-08-2006, 05:43 PM
First: Thanks to all that helped me here.

For those of you who might have my same problem, here is what worked
for me

Problem: I bought a ASUS AV8 (original) board W/ SATA raid, and wanted
to run one SATA hard drive.

Further I accidently bought a SATA 2 HD.

It does work. I simply configured the hard drive as specified on the
top of the hard drive/ instructins say to place jumper at pin 5-6 for
regular SATA 150 only (this is drive brand specific).

Then the tricky part.

When you are frist installing windows (if that is what you are doing),
windows will ask you if you need to install additional drivers for
RAID, SCSI push F6.

Push F6 install drivers as stated exactly in the MOBO instructions.
There are a lot of drivers on the CD included. look in the manual, and
it says exactly where the driver is that you want. You have to use
another computer with a 3.5 floppy. you will have to explore the CD
and look for the drivers that way. the address is in the instructions
manual. (sorry if this is confusing, i am trying to put as much info
as possible) it will be something like "drivrs/ RAID642 / ... /
makedisk.exe". I cant remember.

after installing the correct driver hit enter and windows will do the
rest. no need to configure or mess with raid. the Single SATA drive
will run just like a normal hard drive. I had mine plugged into port

If you are having problems with the SATA 2 drive, remember many
motherboards do not suppord SATA 2. While the hard drive instructions
say that SSC feature is dissabled as default, THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT
IT WORKS AS A SATA 1 DRIVE. You need to jumper it to act as a SATA 1

Further Info about graphics card:

I am using an ABIT 9000 PRO. I was confused when the MOBO instructions
stated that the MOBO did not support graphics cards that required 3.3
volts. I found out that the voltage requirement is related some how to
the 8X/4X/2X...

this is what worked for me, and may not be correct, or work for anyone
else. thanks to all that helped me get my machine up and running. any
further blogs that may help in this situation are apprecitaed.


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