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Re: 7AIA0 (repost, please ignore previous - "AIA0")

Paul C
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      09-08-2003, 01:20 PM

Above is link to bios upgrade, however note there are versions of this
board. I have the first release I think and it does not support 133 even
though there are switches for it. It supports original 100 FBS Athlons to
1200 Mhz. However I have never been able to run one of these stable only a
duron 600. Its a very quirky board but stable as hell if you run duron
which I have for about 3 years.

You should be able to find a manual etc at this link


"Li'l ol' me" <richie42@***SPAMOFF**> wrote in message
news:bbqd2l$d4t$(E-Mail Removed)...
| (Ignore first post if it got through - missed off 7!)
| Just picked up one of these second hand (no manuals or anything), but I
| can't find anything on the chaintech website, and a google search was
| better.
| I can see it has built in audio and it's socket A, but is it limited to
| pre-XP chips? I can see there's support for 100 or 133 FSB, so I guess
| there isn't.
| Still need a manual, bios update, etc.
| shapeshifter

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