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Re: Advice needed: new laptop got wet from leaking roof

Mike W
Posts: n/a
      06-24-2003, 12:55 AM
> > > > My 2 month old Compaq Presario (2100z) was the victim of mother
> > > > nature. A roof leak appeared out of nowhere in my office and dropped
> > > > rain water directly on top the shut down and closed unit. I

> > > > it the next morning in a small puddle.
> > > >
> > > > Best I can figure water seeped in via the Compaq seal on the lid or
> > > > via the air vents. Some water dripped out the back on handling and
> > > > there was a little dampness in the DVD/CDRW drive. The RAM, battery,
> > > > hard drive, keyboard, PC Card, and Mini-PCI port compartments were

> > > > upon inspection. The surge protector (also shut off at the time of

> > > > leak) was found seeping water. I've tossed that in the trash for
> > > > safety sake.
> > > >
> > > > I've left the laptop to dry out in a more secure place, lid open but
> > > > unit off. 12 hours later, the unit feels dry. But I'm scared to turn
> > > > it on.

My concern if enough water got in to couse damage, the silicon crystals may
not remove it.

Compaq use to have an easy to open case, 4 screws along the base and some
tabs hold help hold and align. If I owned the unit, I would open it, look
for standing water, dump it out. Leave it open and have a fan blowing into
it for a day or longer. Take the battery out first.

Not confident enough to do that, find out how much it would cost for a
repair shop to do it. Opening the case really no more of a issue than
putting in a larger harddrive or new keyboard.

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