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Re: Annoying message on Gateway monitor...

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      05-13-2009, 12:40 AM
EosBlue wrote:
> My wife has a older Dell 2400 series desktop with a newer Gateway
> FPD2185W monitor. The video card is a nvidia 5550 card with a DVI/VGA
> output. Regardless of which output is connected (DVI or VGA), on boot
> up, we get an VERY annoying message in the center of the screen that
> says in block letters, either VGA OR DVI in a blue box. This message
> remains on the screen for a couple of minutes or so and then disappears.
> The box reappears when the computer comes out of "sleep". Basically,
> it appears everytime the monitor is reactivated.
> I don't know if this message is a function of the monitor or the nvidia
> card or perhaps even the computer. The computer came with a onboard
> video card that we are not using.
> If ANYONE has ever seen this message and knows how to turn it off, I
> certainly would appreciate hearing about it.

My guess would be, the monitor has a "picture within picture" or PIP
capability, and it needs to be turned off. The blue box could be
highlighting where the PIP would show up, if it existed.

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