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Re: attn: ivett - extremely colorful premium news server access - ir vun meghi wen - (1/1)

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      01-25-2007, 07:41 PM
> Take a look at all the great features below and imagine!

Users need to imagine rather than experience, huh?

> Great prices and support await you as you travel into the beautiful world of premium nntp access.

Premium = costs money. Just another idiot NNTP owner trying to spam up
some potential customers.

> They offer some of the best premium newsgroup access anywhere.

There are no premium newsgroups. They are either carried or not.
What, your service charges more if the user wants to visit some
"premium" groups?

> They give you access to some of the best groups others may not carry.

Who *pays* for NNTP service if it doesn't provide all the groups?
Apparently you do.

> One thing I love about them, they don't keep log files of the news I read or files I download.

You wouldn't know the validity of their promise until you are them.
Yeah, like we are really so stupid as to think you are one of their
satisfied customers rather than spamming your own service.

> You can find almost anything you are looking for.

Yep, marketeers are redundant in repeating what they already stated.
What Usenet visitors are looking for are spam-free groups but, as your
spam proves, that's not possible.

> Very long retention

Apparently you didn't want to divulge what IS that retention interval
and if it varies by group type (binary vs. non-binary).

> 800 GIGS of new multimedia content each day

So is that a download quota or are you actually promising that, at
least, 800GB of new porn makes it onto your NNTP server every day? So
how many hard drives do you purchase every month to keep up with that
daily porn influx?

> Posting allowed!

Oh, yeah, like anyone would PAY for a *premum* NNTP service but not
want to post.

> Blazing fast downloads

Which you can't regulate at the user's end. So more bogus promises.

> What are you waiting for?

For a coupon code that lets me signup for 1 year of totally free use at
maximum or unlimited quotas.

For you to explain how an NNTP server can be "colorful" unless what you
are providing is just another webnews-for-dummies interface to Usenet.

For you to explain what the hell good is 800GB bandwidth per day when
your $10/month subscription is limited to 10GB per MONTH! You flunked
out of grade school, didn't you, since you can't even manage to do
simple arithmetic.

For you to realize just what is the NAME of *this* group and that it
has nothing to do with spamming an NNTP service. Duh!

For you to get around to finishing the text on your home page which is
hosted on a very slow server. What a dufus.

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