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Re: Blade 1000 boot disk?

DoN. Nichols
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      12-28-2009, 04:45 AM
On 2009-12-28, Raymond Toy <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Raymond Toy wrote:
>> I'm not really interested in getting another FC drive, so what options

> Well, I see relatively inexpensive Sun FC drives on ebay, so perhaps
> this is one option. But an external USB drive (and maybe DVD burner)
> might be nicer since USB drives are easy to get. (But perhaps the USB
> interface is too slow to be acceptable.)

Certainly the one which comes on the SB-1000/SB-2000 is. It is
a USB 1.3 (or is that 1.2?), not a 2.0. To get a 2.0 speed, you need a
card which comes with the Sun Blade [12]500, not the Sun Blade [12]000.
(It can be put in a SB-2000, as I have one in mine.) It also offers
some faster FireWire ports, which are probably better than the USB even
if you have USB 2.0.)

Good luck,

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