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Re: calibration on Toshiba 3500

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      07-02-2003, 07:54 AM
I have noticed the same thing, though not in quite so
detailed a manner. I too kept calibrating to no avail.
>-----Original Message-----
>OK - I've discovered that my problem isn't so much

Calibration as I thought.
>The problem is the right side of the screen (when using

primary portrait).
>On the extreme right, where scroll bars are, everything

is fine but about a
>half-inch from the right side of the screen the cursor

is always about 1/8th
>inch (or a little less) to the left of the point of the

pen. This is Not
>true all along the "y-axis" - the closer I move the pen

to the top of the
>screen, the more precise it becomes .
>"Brian Phillips" <Brianp190 At insightbb dot com> wrote

in message
>news:Oy%(E-Mail Removed)...
>> I have to calibrate very often - is this normal? I

stay with the primary
>> portrait orientation and never change. Also, my

calibration will be good
>> the center and somewhat on the left of the screen, but

the right side is
>> always way off - the cursor is always to the left of

my pen when I click
>> something on the right side of the screen. I try to

be very careful when
>> calibrating - pointing precisely within the

crosshairs, but it doesn't
>> Any suggestions?
>> thanks,
>> Brian


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