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Re: Can't Create DVD Images

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      10-03-2009, 07:11 AM
In article <1j6zg9h.796y7i12e8eonN%(E-Mail Removed)>,
(E-Mail Removed) (Charles H. Sampson) wrote:

> Suddenly I'm unable to create DVD disk images with Disk Utility.
> I've done it before but now Disk Utility reads from the DVD for a long
> time, usually getting well past halfway through and then stops with the
> message "Unable to create ABC.dmg - input/output Error."
> I'm running OS X 10.11.4. I used a Memorex lens cleaner. I've
> used at least three DVDs, some multiple times, with the above results
> every time.
> Any ideas?
> Charlie

What type of DVD are you reading from? Is it a commercial TV/Movie DVD,
if so it is likely copy protected.

Have you checked the condition of the DVD your are trying to copy?
Scratche and fingerprints can cause problems when copying.
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