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Re: Cant fine that thread

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      07-31-2008, 11:24 PM
Fievel J Mousekewitz wrote:
> Outlook got rid of the original thread I posted about my
> motherboard.
> Damn it.
> I only really want to boost the vcore by a little bit,
> to run stable running it at 2100+ or near 2400+
> I really didn't feel like having to do the pin-mod.
> Fievel.

You can use to find your posts. Either
by newsgroup or by the subject you typed in. Even the
messageid will work, if you use the Advanced Groups search option.
This is your original post.

(E-Mail Removed)

That will lead you to the thread.

You could also use a real newsgroup reader. I use Thunderbird,
from .

If you create a new account in there, select "Newsgroup Account",
and use the news server on the default port 119 ,
you can view the groups that way. And continue to see the
posts. requires no registration, but has a limited
number of posts you can send a day. You can read them all you want
(virtually speaking), but there is a limit to the amount of new
posts you can send. AIOE doesn't make a good "chat room", if that
is your posting style. (Some people like to post a single sentence
per time, like they're in a chat room.)


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