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Re: Chaintech CT-7NJL6 Locks up

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      12-16-2005, 01:36 AM
> Guywrote
Before you go blow cash on more new hardware, let's make sure al
your motherboard BIOS settings are stable.
> Can you access BIOS? You will need to go through your manual

basically between pages 7 and 33, and verify settings.
> Plan on clearing your CMOS (page 14) first to reset your system
> Verify your JP3 jumper is on pins 1 and 2 (page 15)
> This board defaults to a PCI video card (page 22).
> Check your boot sequence and make sure it supports what you ar

trying to do (page 23)
> Are you booting to the XP cd, or trying to install over what yo

already have
> Also, your SATA setup concerns me. Is that a Maxtor drive and di

you have it set up as SATA previously?
> Also, it is odd but the single most common failure for me when

upgrade is the CD-ROM drive. I lose one every time I upgrade (bu
this is anecdotal, not scientific).
> I am sure at least two other very qualified people will post soon

It might take a couple of days to troubleshoot, so hang in there

Thank you for replying

I reset the cmos, checked JP3, Set the system to startup on the AG
and not PCI first, and set the boot sequence to start with the cdrom
then a hard drive

I'm booting from the xp cd and I'm doing a fresh install every time

Yes, it is a maxtor and it's a SATA drive natively, I'm not using tha
weird adapter thing

One thing that I forgot to mention. When I had my old 30g ide driv
connected, I did manage to install iwndows xp on it and it didn'
lock up. I assumed all my problems were over and decided to ad
another 512M of memory (512M pc2700 by ultra) and the 160g Maxto
SATA drive. That's when I started getting the lockups

I keep thinking that it's a power supply problem, but why would tha
be the case, I'm only running one drive at a time, not both of the
and even then, it should be able to handle two hds and a dvd burne
with no problems, shouldn't it?

My power supply is a 425W

I'm going to disconnect the SATA and reconnect the 30g and see if i
locks up, but if it doesn't lockup, those that mean that the SATA i
just bad? It's easy enough to exchange for another one or
different brand

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