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Re: Color laser printer prints colors much darker than screen colors

John McGaw
Posts: n/a
      01-27-2009, 01:24 AM
Peter Olcott wrote:
> It looks like there is no possible combination of colors
> that can produce the bright shade of blue represented by
> RGB(0, 255, 255), and the same thing goes for the bright
> shade of Green represented by RGB(0,255,0). My printer had
> a series of test pages that provided 288 shades of blue and
> 288 shades of green, and none of these colors matched the
> screen.

FWIW, RGB(0,255,255) is really not "bright blue" (or at least it shouldn't
be) -- it is really 100% saturated cyan. As you've experienced, there is a
limit to the color gamut of every device. Expecting a perfect overlap
between a light-emitting image such as a monitor and a light-reflecting
image such as a printed page is not realistic. About the best you can hope
for is a calibration between the two that will allow you to predict roughly
how the printed page will look. But be prepared for any match to change
every time you change paper or toner. This is the bane of every person who
does photos or graphics in print. And it is probably why there are multiple
hardware/software solutions on the market with some of these solutions
being insanely expensive.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]
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