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Re: compaq presario 5WV254 5000 SERIES

Postman Delivers
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      11-27-2008, 03:00 AM
On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 02:45:35 -0600, PRIGGIES1 wrote:

> I Need A Restore Disk For This Model For Xp Home Or Millium

The above website link show this model had a AMD Duron 700 with 64 MB
DIMM as standard. But you have three memory slots, and can use 3x256
PC100 or down-gradable PC133 memory...

I am guessing your system has a Win98 COA, affixed to the case? Or you
may have a windows ME COA? Not a very Powerful system for running
windows XP?

I can not find where this system shipped with windows XP, or Win2k,
maybe I am blind. Think you might need to purchase a new version of
windows XP since you can not get a winXP recovery disk for your

If you take your time and bid at the right moment you can purchase a
faster system with the recovery disks on ebay for the price of a new XP
Operating System disk...

I saw windows XP Home advertised at Fry's Electronics for $69 today, a
pre-thanksgiving sale...

You could use a small safe Linux operating system, since you will not be
able to find a free anti-virus, or malware scanners for windows 98 or

Puppy, or Slitaz cooking are very small Linux operating systems that are
wonderful and quick in older hardware. Great for web surfing with
Firefox, checking on-line e-mail and running pan or other Usenet
newsreaders. Using Linux would be a safe method to get on line with a
modern operating system in your older hardware. Both of these systems
will require you to have a minimum of 128 MB of memory, if the system is
maxed, then both of these operating systems will make that hardware run
quickly with a fast internet connection.

JR the postman
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