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Re: A Computer Upgrade Query

Stephen Smith
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      07-18-2003, 07:13 PM
Jerome Morrow <(E-Mail Removed)> said:

> Hello,
> Please accept my apologises if this question has been raised before.
> I have a PIII 850, Asus CUV4X PC133 AGP Pro/4X motherboard, 512MB RAM,
> Western Digital 40mb (8mb buffer) HD, and a Creative GF2MX 32 MB. I'm not
> too sure what kind of power supply I have. I also have a Soundblaster Live
> Value card and a cable broadband internet connection.
> One of my friends passed me a Asus GF4Ti 4800 graphics card - $165.
> Seems the CPU is too weak to handle the graphics card. Is it correct to
> say the new graphics card is an overkill? Should I return the GF4Ti and
> save up to upgrade the whole system?

I'm not too familiar with GF4's but "too weak"? What
circumstances/situations draw you to this conclusion? It's a bit vague.

I would have thought the CPU would be fine, maybe it's a PSU issue?

Not sure if this is a "fair" comparison, but for what it's worth, I've
successfully used a GF3 with a "slow" PII 400 system. (complete with a 250W
(!) PSU!)


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