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Re: CPU upgrade?

Ben Myers
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      10-17-2008, 06:29 PM
gmc1 wrote:
> I have a Compaq Presario S3300NX,1024 MB DDR PC3200 RAM,2-100GB Maxtor
> HD's,AGP NVIDIA GeForce 6200 256 MB video card.
> Today the system would not boot up.When powered on the monitor was
> black and the computer started to beep.I shut it down ,removed the cover
> and checked to make sure the memory and video card were in right.I
> restarted the computer,same started to beep.I shut it down
> again.This time I pressed on the heat sink and cpu. When I powered it up
> this time everything worked fine.If I move the tower or cables the
> screen goes black and the computer shuts down immediately.It will only
> start up again if I press firmly on the heat sink and cpu before pushing
> the power button.Once it starts it works great.
> I think the problem is the cpu...It's a AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 333
> Fsb,Socket A .The motherboard is a MS-6390 manufactured by Micro-Star
> International.
> Would be worthwhile to change the cpu and install a AMD Athlon XP
> 2800+ or 3000+ ? would it make it any faster??both are also 333 Fsb.
> It's an older system but still does what is needed at home.

From your description, I would strongly recommend replacing the power
supply. Unfortunately, HPaq uses cheap Bestec power supplies in its
Presario and Pavilion products. Bestec is the same junk brand that made
eMachine computers famous for system failures. When a Bestec power
supply fails, more than likely it will take the motherboard along with
it. Furthermore, this power supply is rated at an anemic 200w,
according to the HP web site.

I am fairly certain that the dimensions of the power supply are standard
in the modern Presarios, so you need a good quality replacement that has
a 20-pin ATX power connector plus the auxiliary 4-pin 12v connector used
by many motherboards. 250w or 300w would be far better than 200w.

You might also clean the inside of the chassis with a can of compressed
air, some q-tips and maybe a soft-bristle artist's brush. Dust and dirt
can keep the air from flowing properly inside and cause overheating.
Pay attention to the rotating fans inside the power supply and on the
processor heat sink... Ben Myers
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