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Re: Dimension C521 will not turn on

William R. Walsh
Posts: n/a
      09-08-2008, 04:08 PM

> Here is what I have done so far

It sounds like you've covered the bases pretty well. However, have you
tried to see if the system will power on with only the motherboard

> 3. When the power button is pushed in the is momentary flashing
> of the light ( sorry unable determine color). The light just blinks
> on then off as the button is pushed.

This could indicate that the power supply is shutting down due to a
short circuit or overload. I tend to think that the supply should be
good, especially since the "AUX PWR LED" on the motherboard is on.

> All of the lights come on except for the -5v. There is no list
> of a -5v on the power supply.

Some power supplies don't provide a -5V output. This is especially
true of newer ones.

> I did see the suggestion about using a wire to short out the
> connector, I have not done this yet. (from Dell forum)

If you do, disconnect things like the hard disk. This could really
save your day if the power supply is bad and happens to go wildly out
of control when you force it to turn on.

> Question: I know that the shape of the supply rules out a
> normal ATX power supply, but does the unit use standard
> ATX power pin out for the 24 pin connector?

Yes, it should. Dell was using the ATX connectors but changing the
pinout so a regular power supply would not work. Fortunately, they
stopped doing that a long time ago.

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