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Re: Does ieee-1394 have to be enabled on a A7v8x?

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      08-02-2003, 05:50 PM

>Just installed a RMA'ed A7v8x and the firewire port doesn't work. I never
>had a firewire device before so I never tried it on the old board. The
>camcorder works on my A7v333 so the camera isn't the problem.
>The A7v333 has a jumper to enable the firewire connector, but I can't find
>anything in the A7v8x manual about enabling the jumper on it. Did I miss
>it, or do I need to Re RMA the board?
>Thanks, Tom

Just checked my device manager and it's listed there. I didn't do any
enabling but believe I did install the drivers off the CD. Win98SE
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