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Re: what exactly CAN you overclock?

Andy Cunningham
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      07-11-2003, 03:45 PM
In theory, any component with a 'clock' can be overclocked. A 'clock' in
this sense is an electrical pulse used to coordinate activities within the
chip. The clock is produced by a clock generator. For many parts of the
system, the clock is controlled by the motherboard via the FSB. The CPU and
RAM clocks are arrived at from a set multiplier / divider of that frequency.
Many motherboards allow changing the FSB speed, which in turn changes the
CPU and RAM speeds. Most motherboards also allow changing the FSB/RAM
divisor. Many new motherboards implement a separate clock controlling the
PCI and AGP buses, settable independantly of the FSB clock - older
motherboards set these buses by further divisors based on the FSB speed.
Graphics cards also use separate clocks for their GPU and memory. These are
usually settable through driver functions, accessible through various
tweaking utilities.

"Dave" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:zKsPa.54044$(E-Mail Removed). ..
> in any computer what are ALL the things you can overclock? and how would

> manage to do so? TIA.

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