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Re: Got a Problem

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      10-18-2005, 03:45 PM
this sounds similar to problem i experienced with my K7S5A rev 3

mobo ran great for 2-3 years then lock ups began, increasing in frequency
daily until it would require several resets before booting followed by
lock up. Turned out to be the Capacitor problem, that is the large CANS
regulating mobo power near/next CPU socket all had domed tops (which means
the CAP is bad) and the domes were very slight not exploded or leaking or
oozing anything just a slight bump where it should be *FLAT*

when i replaced the 10 CAPs all was well

So look at the large CAPS if any one has a bump/dome on top this could
contribute to the problem

also if you just put the machine together (new box/case etc) check for
grounding/shorts on bottom of the board. When the board first came out lots
of home builders ran into problems with the small K7S5A grounding lug
holes and oversized mounting standoffs shorting the nearby components plus
check for standoffs where there are no grounding holes


"Trashdog" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> I'm working on a friends K7S5A with a 900mgz Duron Processor and
> 512meg of PC133 RAM.
> I've changed power supplies and try to restart but the computer won't
> post. Sometimes after multiple switching on and off from the power
> supply the computer will post and take me the computer bos screen.
> There it will freeze up.
> Is the mother board dieing?
> I thought it was a power supply but now I don't know?
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