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Re: Help on GM5638E

Postman Delivers
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      05-26-2008, 12:22 AM
Danny J submitted this idea :
> Hey Everyone,
> Name is Danny and new to this and first time post. I'm looking for a
> couple of answers on this system. The computer i have is a Gateway
> GM5638E and its not on there site, but it is on there support. Anyways
> I'm looking to make this system support multi monitors (2 to be exact).
> I decided on the EVGA GeForce 8800GT overclocked. My question is will i
> need to get a better PSU for this? I'm coming from what came stock,
> which is a GeForce 8500GT and what i believe is Delta 400 Watt Power
> Supply. I was thinking of the PC Power & Cooling 750watt red power
> supply.
> 'PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750-Watt Quad PCI-Express SATA-Ready Red
> Power Supply S75CF at' (
> Also if anyone could provide a website with some helpful hints, tips,
> upgrade suggestions for this system that would be awesome!!

* * *
Danny J

Since no-one else has stepped up to provide some info! I always run ATI
Video cards, but try to provide my experence.

Does the EVGA GeForce 8800GT pull it power directly from a 12 volt
rail, or does the model you have chosen pull the power via the PCI-e

I prefer the 6/8-pin power connector on the video card rather than
power taken from the motherboard. I spent some time the other week
looking at all the motherboards pinned to the wall in my locale Fry's
Electronic brick and mortar location. It was interesting to see that
some of the newer motherboards are placing a power source for the PCI-e
slot on the motherboard. I found that more than 50% of the latest AMD
motherboards have a molex or 6/8 pin power connector for this slot.
Did not look at the Intel style Motherboards.

I have a AMD quad processor on a ECS A770M and I can not power a
Diamond Viper Radeon X1650, there is just not enough power left on this
particular motherboard...

I tried a neighbor’s Visiontek Radeon HD3850 in the PCI-e Slot and use
one of the PCI-e 6 pin cables in my modular 500-watt power supply and
it runs well. I tried a ATI 3650 and could not boot the system, the
Radeon X1650 Pro will boot but I crash the system at will trying to use
the Video Card with a game... I would not think you need a 700 watt
power supply unless you are setting up a dual Video card system...

I would look at the Power Supply reviews, and look at a modular Power
Supply that can supply the power you need on the 12 volt rails... Make
a few phone calls, they are cheap compared to the operating cost a
large Power Supply... 4.2 100 watt bulbs generate a lot less of heat
than 7 bulbs...

The Power Supply you listed has a crazy amount of cables, I would look
at a modular unit to reduce the cables in your case, and the air flow
problems you could be creating with so many cables... I would not
think you can place that many cables under your motherboard for a clean
look, maybe you are not running a glass sided case or go to lan

If you do not have a motherboard with the extra power connector for the
PCI-e slot, I would make certain you get a Video Card with the power
connector on the card...

My two cents

JR the postman

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