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Re: Help! PATA primary master and slave not detected after bios upgrade.

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      01-17-2004, 01:26 PM
For some reason Intel has pulled the P12 version of the bios off of
their website and now the most current version posted is the P11
version. Try reflashing to P11 and see if that solves your problems.
If anybody knows why Intel pulled the P12 verson of the BIOS for the
d865gbf motherboard please post it so we all know. Thanks


"Steve" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<_IuMb.5558$(E-Mail Removed)>...
> I'm building my system, using an Intel D865GBF motherboard, a 3.0Ghz
> Pentium-4 Processor with Hyper threading technology, and 2 Gigs of pc3200
> dual channel DDR memory @ 400Mhz. (4 equal 512Mb DIMM's) I'm running Windows
> XP. This is my first system I've ever built.
> Anyhow, I got XP installed, and everything was running smoothly, and I was
> preparing to run the Intel Express Installer CD. The first thing it said to
> do was to make sure I hade the latest BIOS uddate. So I went to Intel's site
> and checked for an update for my motherboard. I had "p7" and the Intel
> website had "p12" listed as the latest version of Bios for my motherboard.
> So I downloaded it and then installed it. When my computer went to reboot,
> It couldn't find any bootable media. When I ran setup, I discovered that
> Bios was no longer able to detect any devices connected to the PATA Primary
> Master or the PATA Primary Slave, although the PATA Secondary Master and
> Slave were both still being detected. I then changed the devices (Which both
> happen to be hard drives for the Masters and a cd-rom and cd-rw for each of
> the Slaves) and The drives that weren't recognized on the primary were now
> being recognized on the secondary, proving that it is a problem with the
> bios or the board.
> Has anybody ever ran into something like this before? And if so, what did
> you do to solve it? Please let me know, Thanks
> Steve
> (E-Mail Removed)

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