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RE: Hey One of My Great sites.

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      08-09-2009, 06:06 PM
Hi,all especially the photographers shooting such beauty,well with a
little luck and then alot more luck ,I am in my back yard where i have
12'ft High fences and then i found out thru the grapevine that the
people that lived in this house they both man and wife were
photographers of haiy nude men ladies the same thing i was
fanasitizing about myself well one way rather it be will or so much
love as a male speaking of beauies i have seen of the women around the
world studying each counties laws locations and where and what it
would take me to just be able and get photos of a lady or women and
enjoy so much of what i had missed because 26yrs of my life was spent
wearing a soldiers uniform three wars to finally say i am old to enjoy
it well hte younger women even most of the older when i go to my
favorite Nude beaches i hear and sence that (Why is that old man have
a camera trying to get pictures of all the nude females maybe even
us ,) well I have asked people i know in the world of medicene field
thier quote enjoy everything while you can cause we only live
once ,Wrong i feel like i and many just like me may have came back
from all the bullets and poisoins and the things we had to do and my
saying back Oh don,t worry about me because i am going to do as all do
for me and them ladies that i forgot my cameras and jhtere like magic
thier phone numbers and hey it is nice when you call them and you me a
few problems with transportation and they pick up in the valley and
when you go down on the beach Pirates Cove with a big smile and you
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