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Re: LPX motherboard booted up

William R. Walsh
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      12-25-2008, 06:27 AM

> For those who can't remember, AST was a trailing edge name brand,
> and they bit the dust rather early.

They did build some pretty good hardware, and had a pretty good run. Not
five feet from me is an AST RAMpage ISA adapter, loaded down with DIP memory
modules. And somewhere, there is still an AST Pentium tower along with an
AST 486SX. Somewhere.

Interestingly, Beny Alagem (of Packard Bell fame) bought the AST Research
name and (re?)-founded AST Research, LLC in 1999.

> Although the VRM supports CPU voltages down to AMD's pretty low
> 2.2v, I have my doubts whether a 400MHz AMD K6 will boot at all.

I found an HP Vectra VL P5 desktop that could also provide the voltages
after I inserted the right VRM into the socket in the board. With the latest
BIOS, it managed to POST and really did try to boot up. Windows 98 would
never boot, and the VRM got really, really hot.

> I can send a photo to anyone interested, like Bob Watts

wct <atsign> walshcomptech <dot> com

> I'll try an AMD K6 later today. You never know... Ben Myers

Be interesting to see what happens.


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