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Re: Movita Fuego Model 200 Type 225 BIOS

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      12-26-2009, 04:21 PM
In news:hh5c9l$9e3$(E-Mail Removed),
Mirko typed on Sat, 26 Dec 2009 17:06:39 +0100:
> I'm looking for the BIOS firmware of this laptop (Pentium III 1GHz,
> SIS630 chipset).
> It was available on the website.
> The original place looked like this:
> Unluckily, the zip files containing the BIOS and the keyboard firmware
> aren't archived...
> Or, at least I've been unable to download them, even with several
> hours of reasearch devoted to this problem.
> If you think that my laptop could live even without upgrade, this
> isn't true, because I did a mistake and at the moment there is the
> wrong BIOS in the 29F020 EEPROM (and it doesn't boot at all). If I
> find the right BIOS, I'll flash the EEProm removing it from the PCB,
> but without BIOS, this isn't possible, because I missed the important
> step of backing up the working one, before flashing.
> The original files I'm looking for are:
> Should it happen that someone had a mirror of the site, or the files,
> I would thank to get a copy of them.
> Free to mail them directly to me, at the address
> mirko AT ing DOT unitn DOT it (remove spaces and substitute @ for AT,
> . for DOT).
> Thank you.
> Mirko.

You may not have to remove the BIOS and reprogram it. As some BIOS
protects a very small part of the BIOS for emergency reprogramming for
cases like this. And this is known as a bricked computer. It usually
works something like this:

1) Place the BIOS file on a floppy and turn on the computer with the
floppy already in the drive, or

2) The same, but you have to hold down a key or keys when you power it
on like the F2 key or something. Or

3) Computers without floppy drives can use USB (floppy, flash, hard,
etc.) drives instead. But they must be formatted in FAT12/16. FAT32 or
NTFS won't do.

I can't help you with the BIOS file. Anyway good luck.

Gateway MX6124 ('06 era) 1 of 3 - Windows XP SP2

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