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Re: noobie o/c'ing

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      08-04-2008, 03:54 AM
Somewhere on teh intarweb "Dumbo" typed:
> I have previously had a couple of AMD PC's which I toyed with, an
> Opteron144 (ran at 2.6GHz) and an FX55 (which just wouldn't run above
> 2.6GHz), and I decided to try an Intel based system. I bought
> an Asus Striker Extreme mobo and Q6600 (been assured it ran at 3.5GHz
> on air in a P5K board) with a Freezer 7 Pro cooler and 2 Gig of DDR2
> 800 ram (Corsair PC6400 TwinX). I bought this mobo because it was an
> ROG board and thought it would overclock with ease. How wrong I
> was. I tried upping the memory, FSB and vcore voltages but it all
> still fails above 2.8GHz. I so wanted a 3GHz System for gaming
> etc.... My vista score is 5.3 because of my slow Hitachi 500GB SATA
> hard drive but memory is good for 5.8 (915 MHz overclock at standard
> voltage).
> How do I figure out What is holding me back? The CPU goes to 2.8GHz
> at standard voltage but no higher (except temp) when I increase
> vcore! Even after lowering the memory ratio and increasing the FSB
> the whole lot bogs down. Is it a dud board or bad BIOS version (1305)
> for overclocking. I thought spending extra on the mobo would mean
> better overclocking than a p35 Gigabyte or the likes.

P35 is the best chipset for overclocking Intel CPUs. Check all the 'world
records' and see what chipset they use....

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