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Re: Notebook With Pluggable Hard Drive

- Bobb -
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      11-27-2009, 02:11 PM

"W" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) ...
> I'm looking for a notebook with a 17" widescreen monitor that has its hard
> drive available as a plug-in module that is easily removed and replaced.
> We want to have three separate boot devices: for Windows XP, Windows
> Vista, and Windows 7, and it's very important that we be able to quickly
> switch between these. We do NOT want a notebook where you have to
> unscrew some compartment on the bottom of the computer and then hassle
> with removing or installing a drive. We want to be able to just press
> a button and have a drive come out, and be able to instantly plug in a
> replacement drive, minimum hassle, with the whole exchange done in under
> 30 seconds.
> Does any manufacturer make such a notebook? What is make and model?
> --
> W

Is for quick travel ? or is a docking bay an option ? Compaq made a lot of
them for their stuff. If so check HP/Compaq business website.
A lot of their portables have options that eject with a latch, but I think
they require undoing a screw for the HDD ( MOST users don't commonly swap
HDD- especially on a 17 in pc) , but one captive screw - slide - pop in new
one - slide - rescrew - 30 seconds is doable.

For what you want I think the HDD would be one assembly so make sure that
you take that into account - order not just a "spare drive" but all of the
pieces required. ( the case holding the drive etc) You want to make sure you
have 2 complete spares ( think of deck of cards and the HDD being the
cards - you also need the case to house the HDD (cards), internal
connectors etc)
Good luck.

A good resource is for info is

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