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Re. [OT] -- Voice for Stroke Victims

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      02-06-2007, 04:58 AM
OP wrote:
> > My aunt recently had a major stroke. She's coming
> > back to us, but it's
> > affected her severely and she'll probably never regain
> > her speech.
> >
> > My mother was visiting her the other day and
> > noticed that she's quite
> > good at handling a TV remote. This, plus the
> > fact that my aunt seems to
> > be fine at understanding people made her
> > wonder if anyone makes a
> > remote-sized thingie with a button to say
> > "yes" and a button to say
> > "no". Frankly, I think Aunt would vastly
> > amused by a third button to
> > say "You $#%@!".
> >
> > This seems like an obvious thing to have available,
> > yet I cannot find
> > anything. Has anyone run across such a beastie,
> > or have any suggestions
> > on search terms that might make Google or Yahoo
> > cough up a pertinent web
> > site?

How do they know that she's "fine at understanding
people", unless she is able to 'communicate', if they
don't use a MRI ?!

How do you think deaf and dumb people communicate ?
If she wants to communicate with me she can nod or
wink, and we won't have to be insolated by some

Or is she isolated in a box and you don't want to tell ?

Richard Dobson wrote:
> Many years ago my father (a professional musician) had a heart attack
> followed by a stroke and lost all speech (though he could still play
> instruments); through speech therapy he regained his speech so well
> (I suppose it took a year) as to be able to speak in public fluently,
> without stuttering or anything. Of course strokes vary enormously in
> their impact, and there can never be guarantees, but I have a great
> respect for the body's ability to rebuild itself given enough focussed
> attention; I would say get speech therapy on board as soon as possible
> and not give up on the possibility of substantial improvement, if not
> necessarily a full recovery, too soon.

Yes it's very complex & beyond an electric gadget solution.
Some years back, I woke up with double vision.
I knew that I'd had a mini-stroke. It's called ap...ia.
Fortunately a friend who's a few years older had similar which
slowly recovered after 3 months.
Because I'm in S.Africa where the med-services are collapsing
I did self-med with inet help and brought my cholesterol down,
which probably had caused it, by cabbage soup & cheap tinned-fish.
I could notice the improvement while I was doing eye exercises.

== Chris Glur.

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